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As well as the numerous qualifications and certifications I have taken and will continue to undertake, below is a brief summary of some of the most recent seminars I have also attended. I take these seminars to learn from some of the smartest people across the health, fitness and golfing spectrums to further my knowledge and allow myself to continually improve the services I offer to clients.  

World Golf Fitness Summit

Orlando, Florida

October 2018


This 3 day seminar included over 50 presentations from PGA TOUR players, world leading swing coaches, renowned strength and conditioning coaches and the industry’s best health & medical practitioners. This was a fascinating insight into the mergence of golf and fitness and a great chance to interact with those that are working directly with the best players in the world in various aspects of golf and fitness!

Teaching with Technology

PGA Academy at The Belfry

October 2018


This 1 day course for the PGA was hosted by Richard Hughes and demonstrated how technology such as Boditrack, K-Vest, 3D Motion capture and much more is impacting upon our knowledge and teaching of the golf swing. This was a fantastic opportunity to gain further understanding on golf biomechanics and how certain motions could be improved upon through fitness work.

Dr Jacob Harden’s Prehab Tour


September 2018


This 2 day seminar covered all things mobility, movement and injury with the world renowned Dr Jacob Harden. The course showed how to properly assess clients and identify their entry level and then how to progress them in a structured and safe way. The topics of injury prevention and training strategies for those recovering from injuries were also very prevalent during the 2 days.


Axiom Applied Strength & Conditioning


August 2018


This 1 day course really merged the strength and conditioning and therapy sections of the health industry together. Various topics were discussed relating to back pain, improving mobility and movement and the huge effects lifestyle has on health and performance.


Ian Markow’s Movement 101

Dublin, Ireland

August 2018


This 2 day seminar explored all things mobility with particular emphasis on the Functional Range Conditioning model. The course covered how to thoroughly examine a client’s range of motion, various techniques to improve capacity of ranges and then how to culminate all of this into better global movement patterns.