Welcome to our exclusive list of discounted pricing on products that will greatly help you on your golf fitness journey. These are reputable companies with whom I have personal experience, having successfully used their products myself and with my clients. I am confident that they will help you too. 

MGP Nutrition (UK Only) 

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Fuelling yourself better on the golf course is one of the lowest hanging fruits out there to improving golf performance. It's one of the easiest ways to enhance your golf game, offering benefits such as mood improvement, reduced fatigue, and increased concentration levels, all of which can ultimately lower your scores! 
MGP Nutrition offers products that are specifically designed to support you in this aspect, and you can now enjoy a 15% discount on all their items (UK only) by using the discount code provided during checkout. Additionally, they provide high-quality protein powder to help you fuel those workouts! 
Get 15% off all products (UK only) using the discount code at checkout. 
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MGP Nutrition Drinks

SuperSpeed Golf  (UK, EU, and USA Only) 

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Incorporating speed swings with maximum intent and radar feedback will greatly complement your mobility, strength, and power training, leading to improved club head speed. This technique has proven successful for my clients of all ages and abilities and has become a common practice among professionals at the highest level. 
SuperSpeed Golf offers a range of speed sticks and the PRGR radar, which serve as fantastic tools to assist you in achieving these goals. By using the discount code provided during checkout, you will receive a discount on all their products (UK, EU, and USA only). 
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SuperSpeed Golf sticks

Downshift Golf  (USA Only) 

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Resistance bands are versatile tools that will greatly benefit golfers. They are ideal for warm-ups before play or practice sessions and can also be used effectively for at-home or on-the-road workouts. 
Downshift Golf offers excellent resistance band bundles that cater specifically to golfers' needs. Additionally, their shift board and slam balls are great for power development. By using the discount code provided during checkout, you can save 10% on all their products (USA only). 
Visit their website 
Downshift Golf resistance bands
Each product has been carefully selected to meet the unique needs and challenges that golfers face, ensuring that you receive the highest quality equipment and resources available. 
By taking advantage of these exclusive discounts, you will equip yourself with top-notch products that will support and enhance your golf fitness journey. 
Elevate your game to new heights today! 
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Man training in golf fitness studio
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