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As a 62 year old golfer it was clear that restrictions in mobility and strength were an obstacle to technical improvement in my golf swing. Through my work with Jamie over the last 9 months I have been able to improve my balance, stability, mobility, and strength to a great extent. This has resulted in vast improvement to my tee to green shots with greater distance and consistency. This has translated into shooting scores in the mid 80’s rather than the mid to high 90’s. 

There are plenty of fitness coaches about but finding one who actually plays and understands golf swing biomechanics was a revelation. Jamie’s fitness network extends to the top golf coaches globally which provides him with the very latest exercise techniques being used by the top European golfers.

Jamie’s sessions are fun and I have learned a great deal about the golf swing in the process. Combine this with technical coaching and you get the sort of training that European tour players are getting!"

Nick Hunter

Age: 62

I've been working with Jamie since the start of 2017 and he has really helped me improve my mobility, strength and movement. I feel stronger and more stable over golf shots when it really matters in tournaments.

Lauren Taylor

Age: 23

I have been working with Jamie since the start of the off season and he has really helped me build strength, stability and speed which are transferable into my golf game and can be seen in my big increase in club head speed. All the exercises are specific and personal to my own weaknesses and I have definitely seen a huge improvement, which I wouldn't have seen without Jamie’s help.”

Tom Cleaton

Age: 17

Jamie is a great coach and has helped improve my fitness, strength and flexibility from when I started with him 7 months ago. Being 73 years of age at the time, it shows it’s never too late to start.”

Mike Thomas

Age: 73

Jamie has been a critical factor in me being able to start playing golf pain free again. The mobility work we have done has not only improved my flexibility, but helped take pain away in areas I have been struggling with for years.

Liam Robinson

Age: 28

Since working with Jamie I have dramatically improved my flexibility and strength and as a result club head speed. This has led to coming runner up in the Leicestershire boys and reaching the semi-finals of the Leicestershire boys match play championship.”

Charlie Price

Age: 17

The flexibility and strength related golf exercises provided by Jamie were educational, easy to understand and have started to make a positive difference to our performance. Highly recommended!

Leicestershire County Senior Squad

Jamie was recommended to me by my golf coach, and I have now been working with him for about 4 months. Seeing him every fortnight or so, he has helped my physical strength and stability improve without question, and the results have shone through in my golf game. He sends me away with workout routines which I repeat around twice a week, and my progression has certainly been evident!”

Josh Kearns

Age: 17

Ever since I began working with Jamie I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall game from fitness levels to strength and power. He specifically targets my own personal weaknesses and gives me routines to use in the gym to help me improve these areas. I won the Berkshire trophy this year which was 72 holes in 2 days. I really felt the benefit of the training throughout the tournament especially being able to maintain the strength and fitness to the very last hole.

Adam Lumley

Age: 23

I started working with Jamie in October, I'm a touring golf professional and have always wanted to work with a TPI Instructor but there are so few in the country! 
We went through the initial screening and then he gave me a specific programme fitted to my exact needs and since October I have improved dramatically. My balance, Strength and flexibility have all improved and I can see it on the golf course. I'm looking forward to continue working with Jamie and would highly recommend others to do so!"

Michele Forgione

Age: 24

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