I have been fortunate enough to appear in features and articles for Golf Digest, BBC Sport, Golf Monthly, The Telegraph, TPI, and Women & Golf magazine over the last few years discussing various topics of golf fitness. As well as having authored and featured in several articles, I have been involved in several golfing podcasts. Check out some of them below. 
Golf Digest Feature 
What you put into your body plays a major role in your golf game. I was fortunate to be featured in Golf Digest, giving my advice on the "5-10-15" plan for golfers.  
Golf Monthly Fitness App Review 
Sam De’Ath has tested my JG Golf Fitness App, giving readers an honest review, to see if it can help users achieve performance gains on the course. 
BBC Sport Feature 
BBC Sport looks at how US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau's physical transformation is changing the game of professional golf. 
Golf Monthly 
I have written several articles for Golf Monthly and have a page on their website where you can access all my content. 
The power revolution: why women's golfers are driving further than ever 
“Relatable” has been the buzz word used to sell women’s golf to fans in build up to next week’s AIG Women’s Open. Forget the ball-crushing 400-yard-plus drives from the likes of Bryson DeChambeau: as Britain's Georgia Hall has pointed out, ordinary fans are far more likely to see something of themselves in the women's game. 
The benefits of single leg training for golfers 
There can be no doubt that a strong lower body is vital for golfers both in relation to swing mechanics and speed but also from an injury prevention standpoint. Various studies have shown that increased lower body strength and power have strong correlations to higher swing speed levels and improved performance. 
Women & Golf 
I feature in several articles on Women & Golf’s website. 


The Importance of Strength & Conditioning for Golfers with Jamie Greaves. 
This week we have something a little different. Golf-specific personal trainer Jamie Greaves joins us to discuss the vitality of strength and conditioning work for golfers at all levels. 
Of all the finely tuned elements in golf, the one still being figured out may be fitness. How do golfers fuel their strength gains? How does the best setup a week of eating to maximize performance? What in-round snacks and drinks are used to keep a golfer at his best? 
“Strength and conditioning - that’s the topic of our conversation with pro golf coach Jamie Greaves. Fear not, this chat is not solely for golfers. Jamie is a deeply experienced S&C coach and shares the most time-effective methods to build a powerful base upon which to build sport-specific fitness.” 
Training for female golfers and juniors and exercises to boost your distance with Golf Fitness. 
I am always looking to add valuable insight from my experience in the sport. It is important to me to add to the discussion in the most helpful way. Continually being involved in the development of golf fitness and shaping mindsets is at the core of what I do. 
I hope that you will find these resources helpful in your golf training journey. 
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