I have written several eBooks to help golfers with their golf exercises and training. These resources will help you with specific golf workouts to target the areas where you want to improve. 

Mobility for golf 

In this eBook, I will cover why mobility is important for golf and provide some simple exercises and routines you can do 
right away to start improving how you move and feel both on and off the course. 
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Fuel for the fairways 

In this eBook, I will talk about the nutritional and hydrational demands of golf, discuss why it’s important to fuel yourself appropriately on game day and offer some practical advice on how to do so. I also provide you with some recipes/products you can use to get you started on your journey to better game day nutrition for golf. 
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A golfer’s guide to training in-season 

As practice, events and travel ramps up, training often takes a backseat despite well-meaning intentions. In this eBook I will outline some of the changes to in-season training you should be making, some things to consider and avoid, as well as providing you with some example in-season workouts that you can use.  
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Fitness for senior golfer 

In this booklet, you will find some very useful information on why these changes start to occur and some strategies you can implement to start to slow down and even reverse these processes!  
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Fitness for the junior golfer 

In this booklet, I will clear up some of the myths surrounding fitness training for juniors and offer some practical advice on where to start and what to work on. This includes some example workouts, complete with instructional videos to kick-start your golf fitness journey. 
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Get golf fit from home 

Over the years I have worked with golfers of all ages and abilities and I firmly believe every golfer can improve their performance through fitness, even from home and with minimal kit. In this eBook, you will find some very useful information on what ‘golf fitness’ is and the various components that it contains, as well as a full 6 week at-home programme you can do to start transforming your fitness for golf today! 
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The need for speed 

In this booklet, you will find some very useful information on the importance of speed for golfers, how we can influence speed from a fitness perspective, 10 strength and power exercises and a practical application of speed training that can help anyone increase their club head speed. 
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Warming up for golf 

In this short eBook, I will cover the benefits behind warming-up, some common mistakes to avoid, and give you a couple of examples to follow along warm-ups for you to try next time you hit the course! 
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JG Golf Fitness Calorie Guide 

The intention of this guide is to give you many of the tools required to increase awareness of calories, your caloric intake and how you would go about manipulating both the quality and quantity of them to fit with your own personal goals. 
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JG Golf Fitness Recipe Guide 

This recipe guide will give you some great ideas for meals you can prepare to give your body everything it needs for maximum performance. From breakfast, sides, mains, all the way through to deserts, there’s a wealth of ideas within this guide to help you with your golf fitness journey. 
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